When I was looking to buy a portable bluetooth speaker, I did plenty of research and quickly drew up a short list of two. The Audio Pro Addon T3 and the Bose SoundLink Mini II. These stood out head and shoulders above all the others.

After much deliberation, I eventually chose the Audio Pro Addon T3, and for anyone looking to buy a bluetooth speaker themselves, here’s a review of the Audio Pro Addon T3 and some comparisons with the Bose SoundLink Mini II which I was able to borrow for a while enabling me to do a fair comparison.

Comparison Between Audio Pro Addon T3 and Bose SoundLink Mini II Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Audio Pro are a Swedish company and you can really see that from the elegant design of the T3 speaker. It is quite unique. In comparison, the Soundlink has a very classic look. Both speakers are rectangular in shape with the T3 being largers in Width, Height and Depth than the SoundLink.

Audio Pro Addon T3 Dimensions are: W: 215mm H: 130mm D: 130mm

Bose SoundLink Mini II Dimensions are: W: 180mm H: 51mm D: 58mm

The T3 has a leather carry handle which is really useful considering it is a portable unit, and I always use the handle to carry mine about. The SoundLink has a travel bag included.

Both speakers have the control panels on the top surface. The T3 has small round buttons and the SoundLink larger square buttons.

Colour Options

The SoundLink is available in Carbon and Pearl colours. You can also purchase silicone protective covers that come in various colours. In comparison, the T3 has a vast range of 7 colours to choose from and they really give the speaker personality.

Audio Pro T3 Bluetooth Speaker Colour Options
The Audio Pro T3 has 7 different colour options
bose soundlink mini II Bluetooth speaker colour options
The Bose SoundLink Mini II comes in Carbon or Pearl colours


The T3 has 2 x 5W Tweeters and 1 x 15W Subwoofer. They provide amazingly clear treble and deep bass. Bose don’t appear to publish the SoundLink output specification, but through listening and comparing it has an immense sound and as with the T3, it sounds great at any volume. All reviewers were very impressed with the output quality of both speakers and there was roughly equal opinion as to which was best.

Battery Life and Charging

The Audio Pro Addon T3 built in Battery lasts for 30 hours at half volume which is very impressive. It can be charged with a standard detachable power cable that plugs into the mains. Charging takes around 4 hours and the speaker can be used while it is charging.

The Bose SoundLink Mini II built in battery provides up to 10 hours at half volume which is considerably less than the T3. It has a detachable charging cable that connects the speaker to the mains. Charging takes around 4 hours and the speaker can be used while it is charging.

The SoundLink speaker also comes with a charging cradle should you want to use the speaker continuously from the mains. The speaker needs to be placed on to the cradle with the cradle attached to the mains via the charging cable.

Both speakers have battery level indicators


Both speakers have similar prices so price isn’t something that would really come into play when choosing between the T3 or the SoundLink.

Why I Chose the Audio Pro Addon T3

I must admit that going for such an iconic name as Bose would have been the easy and risk free option but there were a few standout points that swayed my decision towards the Audio Pro Addon T3

I really like the design of the T3 and the quirkiness of having a speaker in a bright colour that doesn’t conform to the usual black. I chose Orange for mine, which was a bit risky but i’m pleased with my choice and it stands out.

The excellent battery life of the Audio Pro Addon T3 was a big factor in decision making as I knew I was going to be using my speaker around the home and outdoors and wanted to minimise the amount of charging needed.

The enthusiastic reviews of the T3’s sound quality influenced my decision, and knowing there was a powerful subwoofer installed impressed me and I couldn’t wait for my speaker to arrive to blast out some sounds.

I can thoroughly recommend the Audio Pro Addon T3 for all the reasons already mentioned in this post, but if you prefer the Bose SoundLink Mini II then you should also definitely feel that you have made a good decision and will likewise have an incredibly high calibre product.