Here’s the Ultimate Metal Festival Calendar. A monthly list of the best European Metal Festivals.

For many festivals listed, I have included ticket links that take you to to the booking sites where you can purchase tickets, so please do use these links.

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The winter months are a very quiet time for Metal Festivals in Europe as they all need to be indoors and people don’t tend to have the money to spend at this time of year following Christmas.

It is a time though when many of the headliners and under-card start getting announced for the summer festivals so it’s time to start planning where to go in the summer, purchasing tickets and booking hotel accommodation.

European Metal Festivals: JANUARY 2020

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIn or OutBUY TICKETS
24th -26thHeretic Metal Fest MetalIndoor

European Metal Festivals: FEBRUARY 2020

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIn or OutBUY TICKETS
14th - 16thWacken Winter Nights, Pagan, FolkOutdoor
15thMetal Assault
28th - 29thHouse of Metal
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European Metal Festivals: MARCH 2020

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIn or OutBUY TICKETS
6th - 7thHell Over Hamburg, BlackIndoor
13th - 14thUp The Hammers
14thMetal Diver
19th - 22ndHammerfest, Viking, VariousIndoor
27th - 29thBraincrusher, ExtremeIndoor

European Metal Festivals: APRIL 2020

April and May is the time when the European Metal Festival season starts to get going again. There’s a mixture of outdoor and indoor festivals across a wide range of countries.

It’s also the time of year to finalise any ticket purchases and thinking about travel arrangements.

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIn or OutBUY TICKETS
4thLords of the Land, Metal, ExtremeIndoor
9th - 12thInferno Metal Festival, Black, ExtremeIndoorTicketmaster Norway
11th - 12thHRH Blues & RockIndoor
11th - 12thDark Easter Metal Meeting, BlackIndoor
16th - 19thRoadburn Festival, Metal, Folk MetalOutdoorTicketmaster NL
17th-18thDark Malta Festival, IndustrialIndoor
17th - 18thDurbuy Rock Festival, Extreme, RockBothFesticket
17th - 18thRagnarok, Black, ExtremeIndoor
24th - 25thGalia Metal Fest & MetalOutdoorFesticket
24th - 25thKeep It True & MetalIndoorFesticket
29th Apr -2nd MaySWR Barroselas Metalfest, Black, ExtremeOutdoorFesticket
30th Apr - 2nd MayKarmoygeddon Metal Festival & MetalIndoor
tbcStockholm Slaughter, Extreme MetalIndoor

European Metal Festivals: MAY 2020

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIn or OutBUY TICKETS
tbc Metal City Sweden MetalIndoorFesticket
1st - 3rdDesertfest & MetalIndoorFesticket
1st - 3rdNetherlands Deathfest Netherlands Rock, Metal,ExtremeIndoor Ticketmaster NL
5th - 10thHRH Ibiza Road Trip UKRock & MetalBoth
15th - 16thSteelfest Finland, Extreme, Gothic, FolkIndoor
16thVienna Metal Meeting MetalBoth
20thIncineration Fest, Metal, ExtremeIndoor
21st- 23rdDark Troll Festival, Black, Folk Indoor
29th - 31stDownload - France & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster
30th - 31stAntwerp Metal Fest & Metal Outdoor
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European Metal Festivals: JUNE 2020

June is massive for Metal Festivals in Europe. It’s summer time and we go headlong into the huge outdoor festivals such as Hellfest, Graspop, Copenhell and Download where all the big bands will be out in force.

Plenty of opportunities across the summer to book festivals and combine them with a beach holiday or city break.

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIn or OutBUY TICKETS
tbcCamden Rocks, Punk, IndieIndoorFesticket

Ticketmaster UK
3rd - 6thSweden Rock & MetalOutdoor
5th - 6thZobens un Lemess, Viking, FolkOutdoor
5th - 7thMetalfest Open Air Czech RepublicRock & MetalOutdoorFesticket
5th - 7thRock am Ring, Metal, IndieOutdoorFesticket

Ticketmaster Germany
5th - 7thRockfest & MetalOutdoorFesticket

Ticketmaster Finland
10th - 11thMystic Festival & MetalOutdoor
11th - 13thMetal Frenzy & MetalOutdoorFesticket
12th - 13thChronical Moshers Open Air
12th - 14thDownload UK, Metal, IndieOutdoorTicketmaster UK
17th - 20thNummirock Metal Festival & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster
17th - 20thCopenhell & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster DK
18th - 20thRock for People RepublicRock & IndieOutdoorFesticket
18th - 21stGraspop Metal Meeting & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster Belgium
19th - 21st Hellfest & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster France
25th - 27thRock the Night & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster Spain
25th - 27thTons of Rock & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster Norway
Not in 2020Download Madrid & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster Spain
26th - 28thWith Full Force & MetalOutdoor
26th - 28thTuska & MetalOutdoorFesticket

Ticketmaster Finland

European Metal Festivals: JULY 2020

July follows on where June leaves off regarding being a huge month for European Metal Festivals. We even have Rockfest Barcelona where you can go to the beach before heading off to the festival and even combine the festival with a city break.

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIn or OutBUY TICKETS
1st - 4thRock Harz Open Air & MetalOutdoor
1st - 4thResurrection Fest & MetalOutdoor
2nd - 4th Rockfest Barcelona & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster Spain
2ndErlensee Rock
2nd - 5thBig Gun - Number One & MetalOutdoor
6th - 11thRock Marathon & MetalOutdoor
9th - 11thDong Open Air & MetalOutdoor
9th - 12thMasters of Rock RepublicRock & MetalOutdoorFesticket
9th - 11thGefle Metal Festival & MetalOutdoorFesticket
15th - 19thObscene Extreme RepublicMetal, Extreme, Hardcore, BrutalOutdoor
16th - 18thBang Your Head & MetalOutdoor
16th - 19thGoat Hell, Extreme, HardcoreOutdoor
17th - 18thDynamo Metalfest & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster NL
24th - 26thSteelhouse
26th - 1 AugMetal Days, Metal, Extreme, BlackOutdoor
30th - 1 AugVagos Open Air

European Metal Festivals: AUGUST 2020

There are Metal Festivals every weekend across Europe in August and to start the month we always have the big one in Germany … Wacken Open Air. In the UK Bloodstock line-up improves year on year.

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIn or OutBUY TICKETS
30 July - 1 Aug Wacken Open Air & MetalOutdoorFesticket
5th - 8th Brutal Assault RepublicRock & MetalOutdoor
5th - 8thSabaton Open Air & MetalOutdoor
6th - 8thLeyend Del Rock & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster Spain
6th - 8thParty San Metal Open Air & Metal, ExtremeOutdoor
6th - 9thBloodstock Open Air, Metal, ExtremeOutdoorBloodstock Website
7th - 9thInto the Grave & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster NL
7th - 9thAlcatraz Hard Rock & Metal & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster Belgium
12th - 15thSummer Breeze & MetalOutdoorFesticket
13th - 15thMidgardsblot, Pagan, FolkOutdoor
13th - 16thMotocultor Festival & MetalOutdoorFesticket
tbcElb-Riot http://www.elbriot.deGermanyRock & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster Germany
27th - 30thNeuborn Open Air Festival & MetalOutdoor
28th - 30thBeermageddon, Black, ExtremeOutdoor
28thHRH Highway to Hell, Metal, New TalentBoth
29th - 30thHRH Sleaze RockIndoor

European Metal Festivals: SEPTEMBER 2020

From September onward things quieten down as the weather in Europe changes and most of the outdoor festivals have taken place. You do tend to get a fair few indoor one day festivals though.

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIn or OutBUY TICKETS
23rd - 28thFull Metal Cruise Ship

European Metal Festivals: OCTOBER 2020

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIn or OutBUY TICKETS
1st - 3rdEuroblast, Rock, Tech, New TalentIndoor
tbcMetal Matsuri MetalIndoorTicketmaster UK
12th - 19thFull Metal Holiday & MetalOutdoor
tbcAutumn Moon, Pagan, FolkIndoorFesticket

European Metal Festivals: NOVEMBER 2020

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIn or OutBUY TICKETS
tbcDamnation & MetalIndoorTicketmaster UK
5th - 8thHRH Hard Rock Hell & MetalIndoor
12th - 15thHRH Crows, Blues, Country RockIndoor
tbcMalta Doom Metal Fest & MetalIndoor
28th-29thHRH Vikings, Black, Pagan, FolkIndoorTicketmaster UK

European Metal Festivals: DECEMBER 2020

DateFestivalCountryGenreIn or OutBUY TICKETS
tbcNantes Metal FestivalFranceRock, MetalIndoor
11th - 12thEindhoven Metal MeetingNetherlandsBlack, ExtremeIndoor
11th - 12thDe Mortem Et DiabolumGermanyBlack, ExtremeIndoor

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