Hellfest Open Air Festival is held every June in the town of Clisson, France and has been running since 2006 although a few years prior was known as Fury Fest. It features international Rock and Metal bands.

Hellfest Festival Dates

Hellfest Festival will be held from Friday June 17th – Sunday June 26th 2022.

Checkout the List of European Metal Festivals for other festivals and dates.

Hellfest Attendance Capacity

The festival site is big and caters for around 120,000 visitors across the 3 days. For 2022 obviously there will be far more visitors.

Buy Hellfest Tickets

Standard Weekend Festival Ticket: These cover arena entry for all 3 days. They also include camping.

Day Tickets: A limited amount of day tickets tend to go on sale nearer to the festival date.

Tip! Hellfest always sells out fast so if you want a ticket for Hellfest you need to make your purchase pretty soon after they go on sale.

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Hellfest Stages and Line Up

Hellfest has six stages and 150 bands over three days. For 2022 it appears nearly every rock and metal band on the planet will be playing at Hellfest. The last bands usually finish around 02:00 each morning.

There are 6 stages at Hellfest. They have 2 main stages where the bands can alternate with just a few minutes between the bands.

 Tip! The distance from the main stages to some of the other stages is a fair walk so plan your band itinerary carefully to minimise lots of walking and to ensure you arrive in time at the stages where you want to be.  

Hellfest 2022 line up includes JUDAS PRIEST, FAITH NO MORE, GUNS & ROSES and METALLICA.

Tip!  There will be band clashes across the stages. Use Clashfinder to help plan your itinerary. Note that the Clashfinder initially is just a guide and will only become accurate once official stage times have been announced. 

Hellfest Festival Location

The Hellfest Festival address is:  Rue du Champ Louet, Clisson, 44190, France. It is located in western France, 27km from Nantes.

Map showing Hellfest metal Festival Location

Travelling to Hellfest

Travelling to Hellfest by Car: You can travel to Hellfest by car although expect traffic queues so other means of transport are recommended.

There is car parking available at the festival and it is recommended to use the car parks and not street parking. There is street parking available if you are prepared to walk a fair distance from your car to the festival. Make sure you park legally and are not blocking entrances as the local authorities will tow away cars if necessary.  

Travelling to Hellfest by Train: Nantes is the main railway station and from there you can catch regular trains to Clisson. They cost around €9. From Clisson you can either take the festival shuttle bus to the festival site or walk as it is about 1.5km / 30 minute walk. Many people walk so you can follow them if you are unsure of the way.

Walking Map

You will know when you are close to the festival entrance as there is a huge guitar monument that reaches to the sky.

Tip! The shuttle busses have big queues and get very packed so walking from Clisson is a good option

At night there are also shuttle busses going from the festival site to Nantes station costing around €15 (cash required).

Travel Packages: A number of operators across Europe provide Travel Packages to Hellfest which include a festival ticket along with camping, hotel and transport options. See the Metal Festival Travel Packages page for more information.

HELLFEST Tickets are available from TICKETMASTER

Camping at Hellfest

Camping is included in the ticket price.

The campsite is equipped with toilets, showers and water taps. To have access to the showers you will need to buy a 4 day “water credit”.

At Hellfest there is Easy Camp which is a site for pre-purchased tents and Tipis and has much better facilities than the other camping site.

Camping Trolley – Ideal to put all your heavy gear in and make the long walk to the campsite bearable

Tip! There is a big supermarket near to the campsite with where you can buy pretty much everything you might need. 

Tip! If you plan to do some cooking, you will unlikely be allowed stoves with flames and gas canisters. Use a Solid Fuel Stove instead.

Tip! A Camping Chair is recommended when camping so you have somewhere to sit in the mornings and evenings before/after the bands and is essential if the ground is wet.

what to bring to a metal festival
Don’t Leave Anything Behind! Here’s the ULTIMATE METAL FESTIVAL CHECKLIST

Hotels and Accommodation Local to Hellfest Festival


There are hotels and guest houses located at varying distances from the festival. The ones closest to Hellfest will obviously get booked up very quickly.

You can find a selection of accommodation options near Hellfest, CLISSON in on the interactive map below. You can zoom in/out and drag.


Tip! The hotels do get booked up quickly so if you know you are going to go to the festival, you are advised to then book your hotel ASAP before prices go up and/or they sell out.

Wristbands and Entry

Wristbands are handed out upon arrival.  

Tip! You can collect your wristbands on the Thursday evening which will save time queuing the following day.

Food & Drink at Hellfest

Hellfest operate a cashless system for food and drink so you will need to have credit on your cashless account in advance of making a purchase. You can add credit to your cashless account prior to the festival which is a good idea to save time and queuing at the festival.

Food: There are plenty of outlets to buy food at Hellfest Festival. These range from burgers, noodles, hot dogs, fries and many more options including vegan and vegetarian.

Beer: Kronenbourg is the most commonly sold beer at Hellfest but they do also have a good selection such as Cider, Guiness, Fruit beers, Belgium beers and Skoll. Beers prices vary depending on what you have. They also sell plenty of other alcoholic drinks and soft drinks. Additionally, there is also plenty of wine available including the local wine Muscadet.

Hellfest operate a plastic drinking cup scheme whereby you purchase a cup priced at €1 with your first drink, and keep the cup with you during the day.

Food & Alcohol are not to be taken into the festival site

Water: Water can be purchased at the bars. There are free water taps at Hellfest.

Tip! Fill up on snack bars before going to the arena in the morning.

Tip!  There is a supermarket very close to the festival area that sells food and drink. Also McDonald’s restaurants are nearby and can be easily located by the balloons they have floating over their locations.

Tip! If you are a smoker, remember you will not be able to buy cigarettes at the festival site as it’s against the law. The supermarket mentioned above will sell them.

What to Take to Hellfest Festival

what to bring to a metal festival
Don’t Leave Anything Behind! Here’s the ULTIMATE METAL FESTIVAL CHECKLIST

Hellfest Merchandise

Hellfest has merchandise stalls for official merchandise and also a huge Metal Market full of stalls belonging to various traders. You can purchase merchandise using cash or card but not via your cashless account.

Weather Conditions

The weather can be unpredictable. As Hellfest is held in a field, it will get muddy if it rains so be prepared. There is shelter where some of the bands are playing in tents. If it gets muddy you will struggle to find anywhere to sit down, especially in the In-Field.

Tip! Take a bin-bag to sit on if the ground is wet. 

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone Charging: There are facilities available to either rent or buy a charge pack.

Buy a PORTABLE MOBILE PHONE CHARGER to keep your phone charged

Wi-Fi: There is free Wi-Fi available at various hot-spots. I’m not sure if this includes the campsite but I would presume so.

Hellfest Festival App: Each year Hellfest have available a festival app for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free.

You Can Buy Tickets for HELLFEST From Ticketmaster

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