Brutal Assault Festival is held every August in Jaromer, Czech Republic and has been running since 1996.  It features international Metal Bands and predominantly Extreme Metal.

The festival was originally focused on Grindcore and has changed locations many times in the past. The attendances have grown over the years and the festival now attracts major headlining bands. It’s motto is ‘Against Violence and Intolerance’

Brutal Assault Festival Dates

Brutal Assault Festival will be held from Tuesday 9th – Saturday 13th August 2022

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Brutal Assault Festival Location

The Brutal Assault Festival address is:  Okružní 313, Josefov, 551 02 Jaroměř, Czechia.

It is actually held at an 18th Century army fortress known as Fortress Josefov. The Fortress was built by the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II in 1780-1790 to protect the north of the empire form barbarian invasions. The site is 1km from Jaromer City where there are plenty of places to buy food and drink.

Once inside, you can wander around much of the fortress and there are catacombs with bars, courtyards with stages, old army barracks housing a movie theatre.

Brutal Assault Festival Location Map

Brutal Assault Attendance Capacity

The daily attendance at Brutal Assault has risen to 15,000 and this appears to be the current limit.

Brutal Assault Tickets

Standard Weekend Festival Ticket: These cover arena entry for all days of the festival. There is a pre-sale which enables you to buy tickets slightly cheaper if purchased prior to a specific date. The ticket price is exceptionally good value based on the number of bands available to see.

Day Tickets: These are only sold if the weekend tickets have not sold too well. In 2018 day tickets were not made available until the festival actually opened.

Currently, all tickets can only be purchased via the festival website rather than from ticket agencies.

There is also a service whereby wristbands are posted out in advance rather than handed out at the entrance.

Brutal Assault Stages and Bands

There are 5 stages at Brutal Assault. K.A.L Stage, Oriental Stage, Metalgate Stage, Metalshop Stage and Jagermeister Stage. The two main stages are side by side and the bands on these stage alternate. One of the smaller stages is under cover.

Around 130 bands will play across the stages during the festival. The last bands usually finish around 03:00 each morning.

Tip!  There will be band clashes across the stages. Use Clashfinder to help plan your itinerary. Note that the Clashfinder initially is just a guide and will only become accurate once official stage times have been announced. 

Camping at Brutal Assault

Camping: There is a VIP campsite at Brutal Assault festival that is divided into small sections. Note that there are no trees in VIP camping to provide shelter from either rain or the hot sun.

An alternative is to camp in the forest between Jaromer City and the festival site which many people do. The forest has plenty of trees that provide shelter.

Camping Trolley – Ideal to put all your heavy gear in and make the long walk to the campsite bearable

Tip! If camping in the forest, be wary of thieves and do not leave any valuables in your tent. Use the lockers at the festival site.  

Tip! If you plan to do some cooking, you will unlikely be allowed stoves with flames and gas canisters. Use a Solid Fuel Stove instead.

Tip! A Camping Chair is recommended when camping so you have somewhere to sit in the mornings and evenings before/after the bands and is essential if the ground is wet.

what to bring to a metal festival
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Hotels and Accommodation Local to Brutal Assault Festival

There are hotels at Jaromer however these tend to get booked quite quickly each year. There are also hotels further out where you will find more options.

You can find a selection of accommodation options near to Brutal Assault, JAROMER CITY on the interactive map below. You can zoom in/out and drag.

Tip! The hotels do get booked up quickly so if you know you are going to go to the festival, you are advised to then book your hotel ASAP before prices go up and/or they sell out.

Travelling to Brutal Assault

Travelling by Car: If you want to travel by car, you will need to pre-book a car park pass which costs around €18. The car park is guarded.  There are restrictions on when you can arrive and park your car so be sure to check these.

Travelling by Train: This is very much one of the best options. The festival location is near Jaromer which is 140km from Prague and there are direct trains between these locations.

You will still need to get from Jaromer to the festival site which is around 2km. You can walk or the other alternative is a taxi.

Tip!  Travelling by train from the festival back to Prague can prove a challenge as the trains get very crowded. Consider leaving outside the peak time when everyone else will be leaving.

Shuttle Bus: During the festival a Shuttle Bus operates to take people from local areas to and from the festival site. Hradec Králové is one of the shuttle bus destinations and stops at a few of the hotels in this area. Many hotels offer free shuttle bus service in a deal for the festival weekend.

Travel Packages: A number of operators across Europe provide Travel Packages to Brutal Assault which include a festival ticket along with camping, hotel and transport options. See the Metal Festival Travel Packages page for more information.

Brutal Assault Festival Site Map

Brutal Assault Festival Site Image


Brutal Assault festival operate a cashless system whereby you charge up a token on your wristband using various cash charging machines in the arena. Ideally you will charge up your account online in advance to avoid queuing to do it at the festival.

Food & Drink at Brutal Assault

All food and drink can be purchased using the cashless system. You can eat and drink like a king at Brutal Assault as the catering is very good and very reasonably priced.

Food: There are plenty of outlets to buy food at Brutal Assault Festival. These range from burgers, noodles, hot dogs, fries and many more options including vegan and vegetarian and Czech food. Much of the food is very high quality and prices are very reasonable.

Beer: There are plenty of bars in the arena to buy beer, and plenty of different varieties to choose from.  Beer Prices at Brutal Assault are exceptionally cheap. They range from €1 to €2.50 depending on the size you buy.

Food & Alcohol are not to be taken into main arena

Water: Water taps are positioned around the arena.

What to Bring to Brutal Assault Festival

what to bring to a metal festival

Brutal Assault Festival Merchandise

Brutal Assault has merchandise stalls for official merchandise and also a Metal Market full of stalls belonging to various traders.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone Charging: There are stalls in the arena where you can pay to charge your mobile phone or buy charged up packs.

Buy a PORTABLE MOBILE PHONE CHARGER to keep your phone charged

Weather Conditions

The weather can be very unpredictable. It can be very hot one year and freezing the next. Heavy rain is also very possible. There is not too much shelter at the festival so be prepared for whatever weather conditions are expected. If you wander around the fortress you will though be able to find shady areas to avoid the sun when it is hot.

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