Sweden Rock Festival is located in the south of Sweden, close to the sea. 2019 was the 27th issue with 33.000 rock and metal fans from all over the world.

The basic conditions are amazing, the organisation does an incredibly good job: 5 different stages (always 2 played at the same time), short ways, very good sanitary situation, diverse food / drink offers in good quality and many many helping hands.

The camp grounds are located in short distance around the festival area. 

The whole atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed, all are united in music. Very special are the camping chair people between the two main stages, watching the band on one stage, then turning around the chair, picking up a new beer, watching the band on the other stage.

The 2019’s line-up was fantastic with bands from many different subgenres (rock, blues, metal, prog, death…) 

My musical highlights: 
After a relaxed travelling (flight to Copenhagen, 2 hrs drive with a rental car), the party could get started on Wednesday with Joe Lynn Turner, followed by Dynazty. It was funny as we realized, that guitarist, bassist and drummer were the same, they just had changed the stage… And they delivered two great shows. 

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Sweden Rock 2019 – Day 1 Review

Thursday started with Lillasyster, celebrating the Swedish national day, so the crowd was already cooking at noon. 
They were followed by Swedish prog metal from Seventh Wonder on the 4soundstage, with an amazing Tommy Karevik on vocals. 

The afternoon brought lovely bands like Powerwolf, Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth with some Krokus in between. Hell yeah, what a blast – They all nailed it!!!

Sweden Rock 2019 – Day 2 Review

Friday took off amazing with the Night Flight Orchestra and a Polonaise (mosh pit for seniors ;-))
Really (positive) surprising for me were Disturbed. Honestly, I went there more for nostalgia, but they blew my mind. And their message was very touching and reached many people in the audience. 

Dream Theater should be another highlight, but unfortunately, they had to stop after 45 minutes (instead of the planned 90) due to an overlayed show of KISS and a fault in the schedule (I guess). Very annoying for band and fans.

Sweden Rock 2019 – Day 3 Review

Saturday was the only day with a short strong rain, so they had to stop for 15 minutes. But the ground dried very fast, as it’s mainly sand.

The highlights on the last day were Saxon and Myrath for me. 

Saxon impressively proved, that you can never be too old for Rock’n Roll. Can’t remember that I’ve seen them more powerful before, and they were full of joy in playing and performing.

Myrath played in the afternoon, but they also had the opportunity to fill in for Behemoth (who unfortunately were stranded at the airport in Frankfurt). What a mesmerizing show and a fantastic finale for the festival.

To sum it up: Happy times!!! 

Thanks to Sweden Rock for another amazing, crazy, peaceful event with lots of awesome music and great people. 

Definitely one of the European top festivals – Highly recommended!!!

Review by Katha (Germany)