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Having attended many Rock & Metal festivals across Europe I have picked up loads of useful knowledge and experience that I know will be useful to other festival goers and via Metalfest Europe I am sharing it so that hopefully others can benefit.

I have realised that although there is plenty of information out there about the various festivals, much of it is scattered about in forums and social media pages and it’s difficult to find or amalgamate. So one of the aims of Metalfest Europe is to be a one-stop-shop for everything you might need to know about Europe’s Rock & Metal festivals in general, and provide detailed information and tips.

Admittedly, the festival websites have plenty of information about their own festivals, however I tend to find this quite impersonal and not necessarily written from the perspective of someone who has really experienced the festival and they lack the useful tips and snippets of valuable information that only a festival goer will be able to provide.

In addition, I have always struggled to find any sort of comprehensive index of all the Rock & Metal festivals taking place each year across Europe, so I have attempted to find a solution to this and create one myself.

Content Contributions

Now I’m not going to pretend I have been to all the festivals featured on this site, but I have been to quite a few, and I have pals who have been to others and have made content contributions. If you have anything to contribute to the website then do send it in and if I publish it, you will get a name-check at the foot of this page.


Festival Reviews – If you have just returned from a festival and want to share your experience then do send in a review. Include the whole experience such as travel, accommodation, the festival days, the bands, hints & tips etc. Add a few photos too.

Hints & Tips – Any useful information you have acquired from attending any of the festivals featured on this website that I havn’t covered in my guides and would be useful to others. The sort of things only someone will know if they actually attended.

One Last Thing…

To help make maintaining this site worthwhile I would be really grateful if you purchased tickets, accommodation, products etc. using the links and banners on Metalfest Europe and it will mean I get a few pennies commission towards website hosting fees and maybe enough to buy a festival pint and drink to your health. (Although with the beer prices at festivals I’m not so sure!).

Thank You, and do keep visiting Metalfest Europe as your festivals draw closer to help plan your journey and work out what to take.


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