Hi folks, it was great meeting and camping with you all at BOA ’19

Through my website metalfesteurope.com I am affiliated to Bloodstock, and for every ticket sold via my Banners I get a commission of around 10% of the ticket value. I am happy to pass this commission onto you guys for BOA 2020 if you buy your tickets using my banner.

So if you want to make some free money for the 2020 Campsite Kitty so we can buy food and drink from the Midgard shops then here’s the drill.

1. When you are ready to buy your Bloodstock 2020 Ticket, click on the banner below and it will take you to the Bloodstock Official Website ticket page.

Buy Bloodstock 2020 Tickets Banner

2. Buy your ticket as normal and note the exact date and time of purchase.

3. Go onto our Facebook messenger group and message me @markwalsh and tell me the exact date/time you purchased the ticket.

I will then look it up and if I can find the corresponding transaction (which I should), I will add the commission amount to the running total below.

I will also add your name to the list below so it is all transparent.

If you don’t message me and tell me the date/time of your purchase, then it will not count as other people buy tickets too and I will assume someone else made that transaction.

If you message me and I don’t respond, then message me again privately a day later until I do respond, else your ticket commission won’t get included.

At BOA 2020 I will bring the total amount accumulated in cash and those who took part can all fight over decide how it is spent. Bearing in mind some people may prefer tea, coffee or food rather than beer.

So, the more people that take part, the more free cash we get. So spread the word. Note that I need at least 8 ticket purchases for Bloodstock to pay any commission at all.



… and if you buy stuff from Amazon, please click the banner below to take you to Amazon’s website and I then get a few pence commission 🙂

Do check out my website metalfesteurope.com

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