Comprehensive List of Forthcoming European Rock & Metal Festivals

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European Rock & Metal Festivals: APRIL 2019

Date FestivalLine UpCountryGenreIndoor or OutdoorWhere to Buy Tickets
5th – 7thDark Malta Festival Gothic & Industrial Metal Indoor
6thLords of the Land, Metal, ExtremeIndoor
11th-14thRoadburn Festival, Metal, Folk MetalOutdoorTicketmaster NL
12th-13thGalia Metal Fest & MetalOutdoorFesticket
12th-13thDurbuy Rock Festival, Extreme, RockBothFesticket
13th -14th HRH Blues and RockIndoor
18th-21stInferno Metal Festival, Black, ExtremeIndoorTicketmaster Norway
20th – 21stDark Easter Metal Meeting, Black MetalIndoor
24th – 28thFull Metal Cruise & MetalBoth
26th-28thSWR Barroselas Metalfest, Black, ExtremeOutdoorFesticket
26th-28thRagnarok Festival
Metal, Black, Extreme
26th-28th Keep It True Festival & Metal
27thStockholm Slaughter SwedenBlack, Extreme Metal Indoor

European Rock & Metal Festivals: MAY 2019

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIndoor or OutdoorWhere to Buy Tickets
1st Metal City Sweden MetalIndoor Festicket
2ndKarmoygeddon Metal Festival Norway Rock & MetalIndoor
3rd-5thNetherlands Deathfest, Metal, ExtremeIndoorTicketmaster NL
3rd-5thDesertfest & MetalIndoor Festicket


HRH Ibiza Road Trip


Rock & Metal

11thIncineration Fest, Metal, ExtremeIndoor
11thVienna Metal Meeting MetalBoth
17th -18thSteelfest Finland, Extreme, Gothic, Folk Indoor
30th-1st JuneDark Troll Festival, Black, Folk MetalIndoor
31st-2nd JuneMetalfest Open Air Czech ReplublicRock & MetalOutdoorFesticket
31st-1st JuneAntwerp Metal Fest & MetalOutdoor

European Rock & Metal Festivals: JUNE 2019

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIndoor or OutdoorWhere to Buy Tickets
1st – 2ndCamden Rocks, Punk, IndieIndoorFesticket
Ticketmaster UK
4th-6th Rock for People RepublicRock & IndieOutdoorFesticket
5th – 8th Sweden Rocks & MetalOutdoor
6th – 9th Chronical Moshers Open Air
7th – 9th Rockfest & MetalOutdoorFesticket

Ticketmaster Finland
7th-9thRock am Ring & Metal & IndieOutdoorFesticket

Ticketmaster Germany
7th-9thZobens un Lemnes (Sword & Lemess), Viking, Folk MetalOutdoor
14th-16thDownload & Metal & IndieOutdoorTicketmaster UK
14th-15thRock The Coast Festival & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster Spain
19th – 22ndNummirock Metal Festival & MetalOutdoor
19th – 22ndCopenhell & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster DK
20th-22ndMetal Frenzy & MetalOutdoorFesticket
21st-23rdGraspop Metal Meeting & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster Belgium
21st-23rdHellfest Open Air & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster France
25th – 26th Mystic Festival & MetalOutdoor
27th – 29thTons of Rock & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster Norway
28th-30thDownload Festival Madrid & MetalOutdoorTicketmaster Spain
28th-30thWith Full Force & MetalOutdoor
28th-30thTuska & MetalOutdoorFesticket

Ticketmaster Finland

European Rock & Metal Festivals: JULY 2019

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIndoor or OutdoorWhere to Buy Tickets
3rd – 6th Rock Harz Open Air & MetalOutdoor
3rd-6th Resurection Fest & MetalOutdoor
3rd -7thObscene Extreme RepublicMetal, Extreme, Hardcore, Brutal Outdoor
4th-7thRock Fest Barcelona & MetalOutdoor Festicket
Ticketmaster Spain
4th-7thGoatHell, Extreme, HardcoreOutdoor
6th Erlensee Rock Festicket
8th – 13th Rock Marathon & MetalOutdoor
11th – 13th Bang Your Head & MetalOutdoor
11th-13thDong Open Air & MetalOutdoor
11th-14thMasters of Rock RepublicRock & MetalOutdoor Festicket
19th – 20th Gefle Metal Festival & MetalOutdoor Festicket
19th-21stAmplified & MetalOutdoor
19th-20thDynamo Metalfest & MetalOutdoor Ticketmaster NL
21st – 27th Metal Days, Metal, Black, ExtremeOutdoor
27th – 28thSteelhouse

European Rock & Metal Festivals: AUGUST 2019

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIndoor or OutdoorWhere to Buy Tickets
1st-3rdWacken Open Air & MetalOutdoorFesticket
10thBrutal Assault ReplublicRock & MetalOutdoor
7th – 10th Leyend Del Rock & MetalOutdoor Ticketmaster Spain
8th – 11th Vagos Open Air & MetalOutdoor Festicket
8th-11th Bloodstock Open Air, Metal, ExtremeOutdoorBloodstock Website
8th – 10th Party San Metal Open Air, Metal, ExtremeOutdoor
9th – 11th Into The Grave NetherlandsRock & Metal
Ticketmaster NL
9th-11thAlcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival & MetalOutdoor Ticketmaster Belgium
14th – 17thSabaton Open Air & MetalOutdoor
14th – 17thSummer Breeze & MetalOutdoor Festicket
15th – 18thMidgardsblot, Pagan, FolkOutdoor
17thElb-Riothttp://www.elbriot.deGermanyRock & Metal
Ticketmaster Germany
15th-18th Motocultor Festival Rock & Metal

Metal, Black, Extreme
23rd – 24thNeuborn Open Air Festival, Metal
30th HRH Highway to Hell, Metal, New TalentBoth
31st-1st SeptHRH Sleaze RockIndoor

European Rock & Metal Festivals: SEPTEMBER 2019

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIndoor or OutdoorWhere to Buy Tickets
7th-8thHRH Crows, Blues, Country RockIndoor
27th-29thEuroblast Festival, Rock, Tech, New TalentIndoor

European Rock & Metal Festivals: OCTOBER 2019

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIndoor or OutdoorWhere to Buy Tickets
4th-5thMetal Matsuri MetalIndoorTicketmaster UK
14th-21stFull Metal Holiday & MetalOutdoor
18th-20th Autumn Moon Festival, Pagan, FolkIndoorFesticket

European Rock & Metal Festivals: NOVEMBER 2019

DateFestivalLine UpCountryGenreIndoor or OutdoorWhere to Buy Tickets
2ndDamnation & MetalIndoorTicketmaster UK
7th-10thHRH Hard Rock Hell & MetalIndoor
19-20th30thMalta Doom Metal Fest & MetalIndoor
30th-1st DecHRH Vikings, Black, Pagan, FolkIndoorTicketmaster UK

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