Bloodstock Festival is held every August in Derbyshire, England and has been running since 2005. It features international bands from Rock through to Extreme Metal, and they also have a stage for less established bands from the UK.   

Bloodstock Open Air Festival Dates

Bloodstock Festival will be held from Thursday August 8th – Sunday August 11th 2019

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Bloodstock Attendance Capacity

The daily capacity at Bloodstock is usually around 15,000 but has been known to reach 18,000. As it isn’t a huge festival, there is much more of a community feel to it and it’s also less tiring than being at some of the bigger festivals as you don’t have to walk so far between the stages and to the campsite.

Buy Bloodstock Tickets

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There are 3 types of Bloodstock tickets that can be purchased.

VIP Camping including festival ticket: There are various VIP packages available offering different standards of accommodation.

Standard Weekend festival ticket: This includes weekend entry and camping. Adult tickets are £152

Day Ticket: These usually go on sale much closer to the event date

Bloodstock operates an Early Bird Scheme whereby tickets purchased a significant time before the festival (usually by mid-December the previous year) are sold at a discounted price.

Bloodstock Stages and Line Up

There are 5 stages at Bloodstock.

The Main Stage is the Ronnie James Dio Stage where usually 27 bands will perform across the weekend.

The Second Stage is the Sophie Lancaster Stage where usually 38 bands will perform across the weekend.

The Hobgoblin New Blood Stage hosts the ‘Metal 2 the Masses’ less established bands.

There is also the Jagermeister Stage that hosts lesser known bands and acoustic sets, while the Serpent’s Lair Stage in the VIP area occasionally has bands performing.

Bloodstock 2019 headliners are Sabaton, Parkway Drive and Scorpions. There are a number of other big guns on the bill such as Dimmu Borgir, Eluveitie, Dee Snider, Queensryche, Rotting Christ, Anthrax, Powerwolf and Cradle of Filth.

The last bands each day tend to finish around midnight.

Tip!  There will be band clashes across the stages. Use Clashfinder to help plan your itinerary. Note that the Clashfinder initially is just a guide and will only become accurate once official stage times have been announced. 

Bloodstock Festival Location and Postcode

The Bloodstock Festival address is:  Catton Park, Walton-On-Trent, Derbyshire, DE12 8LN, England.

Bloodstock Open Air Festival Location Map

Travelling to Bloodstock

Travelling to Bloodstock by Car:  Approximate mileage to Bloodstock from the following locations is:

Birmingham 20 miles

Nottingham 45 miles

Manchester 85 miles

Bristol 110 miles

London 130 miles

Parking at Bloodstock: There is a large car park at Bloodstock. A Parking Permit is required and can be purchased in advance. 2019 fee for cars  is £16 in advance or £20 on the day. See the Bloodstock website  for more information

Tip! The Car Park is half a mile away from the camping site so be prepared for the walk and consider how you are going to transport all your camping equipment. A Festival Trolly could turn out to be a good investment. A Shuttle Bus operates between the festival site and Pickup/Drop Off point for those with a disability and are unable to walk the 900m/half mile distance.

Bloodstock Shuttle Bus: A Festival Shuttle Bus   operates between Lichfield City Train station and the festival site. There are no local busses that travel close to the festival site.

Travelling to Bloodstock by Train: Lichfield is the nearest train station being 7 miles from the festival site. The Shuttle Bus can then be used to get to the festival site. See the Bloodstock website for more information.

Travelling to Bloodstock by Coach: Big Green Coach pick up from a number of locations across the UK and travel direct to the festival site. See the Bloodstock website  for more information.

Local Taxi Firms: Bloodstock has agreed preferential rates with two local taxi companies.

New Street Taxis – 01283 535353  and 5 Ten taxis – 01283 510510

Example Prices from festival site (Pick Up/Drop Off point) are: £12-£15 to Burton, £20 to Lichfield, £25-£30 to Derby, £20-£25 to Tamworth, £45 to Birmingham.

Bloodstock Pickup / Drop-Off Point: The Pick Up/Drop Off point is situated at the main car park and sign posted as you approach by road. These are for anyone being collected or dropped off by car, taxi, minibus.

A Shuttle Bus operates between the festival site and Pickup/Drop Off point for those with a disability and are unable to walk the 900m/half mile distance.

Travelling to Bloodstock by Air: Mileage to the festival from the following airports is:

Birmingham Airport – 20 miles

Nottingham Airport – 20 miles

East Midlands Airport – 20 miles

Manchester Airport – 60 miles

Heathrow Airport – 130 miles

Therefore a flight into Birmingham Airport and Taxi to the festival would be the most expedient route. A slightly more cost effective option (but longer duration) from Birmingham Airport would be a Taxi to Lichfield Railway Station and then take the festival shuttle bus to the festival site.

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Travel Packages: A number of operators across Europe provide Travel Packages to Hellfest which include a festival ticket along with camping, hotel and transport options. See the Metal Festival Travel Packages page for more information.

Camping at Bloodstock Open Air Festival

There are 7 campsites at Bloodstock. ASGARD, HEL, MIDGARD, VALHALLA, IRONWOOD, RAGNAROK and JOTUNHEIM.

Some of them are very close to the main arena.

They all have toilet facilities

They all have an Info Hub

MIDGARD has a Campsite Shop

MIDGARD has shower facilities (for all campers to use). There is a small charge for these.

RAGNAROK is for Quiet Camping

NIFLEIM caters for disabled campers and is very close to the main arena

Further camping information is available on the Bloodstock Website

what to bring to a metal festival

Tip! If you plan to do some cooking, you will unlikely be allowed stoves with flames and gas cannisters. Use a Solid Fuel Stove instead.

Tip! The Car Park is 900m/half mile away from the camping site so be prepared for the walk and consider how you are going to transport all your camping equipment. A Festival Trolly could turn out to be a good investment. A Shuttle Bus operates between the festival site and Pickup/Drop Off point for those with a disability and are unable to walk the 900m/half mile distance.

Tip! A Camping Chair is recommended when camping so you have somewhere to sit in the mornings and evenings before/after the bands and is essential if the ground is wet. (Camping chairs are allowed in the arena but not after 5pm)

Local Hotels, Guest Houses and B&B’s to Bloodstock Festival

Bloodstock is close to a number of local towns that are 6-8 miles from the festival site and they have several alternative forms of accommodation if you prefer not to use the campsite.

You can find a selection of accomodation options near to Bloodstock, Catton Park, DE12 8LN on the interactive map below if you zoom in.

Food & Drink at Bloodstock

Food: There are plenty of outlets to buy food at Bloodstock Festival. These range from Full English Breakfasts to burgers, noodles and many more options including vegan and vegetarian.

Beer: The festival pub has a large selection of beers and ales, as does ‘Lemmy’s Bar’. There is a late night bar in the Sophie Lancaster tent which stays open to 2am. Chilled beers can be purchased at the Midgard campsite. A pint stock will cost around £5.00

Bloodstock operate a drinking cup scheme whereby you purchase a cup initially and keep the cup with you during the day.

Payment can be cash or card

Food & Alcohol are not to be taken into main arena

Water: Free drinking water is available from designated water points

Tip! To stay hydrated, use your empty beer cup and have a cup of water from the free water taps occasionally.

Tip! Fill up on snack bars at the campsite before going to the arena in the morning

What to Take to Bloodstock Open Air Festival

what to bring to a metal festival

Wristbands and Entry

Wristbands are handed out upon arrival and will differ in colour depending on the camping package or ticket type purchased. Persons under 16 will be provided with a wristband that has a space where the parent can write their mobile phone number.  

Bloodstock Merchandise

Bloodstock has merchandise stalls for official merchandise and also a Metal Market full of stalls belonging to various traders.

Weather Conditions

In the past Bloodstock has predominantly been blessed with good weather. If it does rain, the Sophie Lancaster Stage is in a large tent and will provide shelter.

ATMs and Paying for things at Bloodstock

Purchases made at Bloodstock festival can be made by cash and there are ATM machines on site so remember to take a credit/debit card if you think you may need some cash. Note that there is a charge at each machine for a cash withdrawal. Purchases can also be made by creditt/credit card.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone Charging: There are facilities available to either charge your phone securely or to purchase a 100% charged portable charger (£5).

Wi-Fi: There is Wi-Fi available at the festival. If you check your Wi-Fi settings there should be something along the lines of BOA-PUBLIC to select. 

Bloodstock Festival App: Each year Bloodstock have available a festival app for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free.

Accessibility and Disabled Facilities at Bloodstock

The festival website has significant information regarding accessibility and disabled facilities at Bloodstock festival.

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